Who I am?

Tech & Digital Headhunter, Talent Partner and Career Coach; with + 10 years of professional experience connecting companies and talent.

I am Inés Schvartzman and OneTalent is my professional and life project.
In OneTalent; we help companies and talent to make match. Through our headhunting, recruitment, talent partnering & career coaching services.
We know exactly what companies are looking for. We have been working for more than 10 years helping companies to recruit and develop talent.
Whether you are a company or talent; we will walk with you and draw up a strategy to achieve your goal.

Why recruit with OneTalent?


I am specialised in recruiting top IT, Digital marketing and Tech talent.


I act autonomously in the decision making, this allows me to adapt to your company’s needs, maintain flexibility, and provide tailor-made solutions.


I work in an agile way, with early and frequent delivery and always committed to continuous improvement. I work with tight timings and maintaining weekly communication.

Customer Centric

I understand that every client has specific needs, and fulfilling those needs is my passion and my challenge. My mission is to listen carefully and steer the client towards meeting their objectives, always keeping them at the centre of the process. I dive headfirst into your project and become an excellent brand ambassador for your company.


Candidate Centric

I take good care of the candidates, as I truly believe that people are the company’s best asset. Because of this, I treat the people I work with as I would like to be treated. I make solid personal connections, give truthful feedback, and transmit positivity at all times.


I bring over ten years’ experience in HR and recruitment. With expertise in consulting, multinational and SMB’s. I have worked extensively with digital business and with companies undergoing digital transformation.

Did you know that a bad hire can cost a company between €25.000€ and 50.000€?

Finding the right talent for your company is strategic. I help you to avoid the losses associated with poor hiring. Achieving this is done via a thorough assessment of the technical profile, the competencies required, and the cultural fit.


Technical profile assessment0%
Cultural fit assessment0%
Competency assessment0%

I believe in
Meaningful Recruitment

“Facing the many challenges that companies experience could be compared to running a marathon; it takes a lot of energy, perseverance and passion to cross the finish line and achieve your goal.”

Inés Schvartzman Goldwaser, Freelance Talent Acquisition Specialist

I bring over ten years’ experience in Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding. I get immense satisfaction from thoroughly assessing my client’s needs and working with them to become a true business partner. My approach and vision are truly cross-cutting, as I have worked in consultancy, in multinationals and in small to medium enterprises/SMEs, as well as with digital companies and business undergoing digital transformation. I have wide experience and a network of solid candidates. I strongly believe in the value of +HUMAN enterprises and I’m convinced that every individual should have the opportunity to discover their purpose, the project which will allow them to become the best version of themselves. I operate with a very people-centred approach and deeply values diversity within teams, as I believe this promotes innovation and the stimulation of new, exciting ideas.


I am a graduated from The Valley Business School with a Masters in Digital Business, giving me a comprehensive understanding of the digital landscape. I also obtained a degree in Labour Sciences from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra and I’m a certified Executive Coach (ICF) following qualification at the Escuela Europea de Coaching (EEC).


I love to help companies and employees to become more HAPPY.

I’m passionate with what I do, I’m positive and very persistent and I’m a lifelong learner; always looking for the continuous improvement.

You can find out more about me and my professional background here: LinkedIn profile

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