I’m looking for Talent

Test me! I will be your talent partner and I will guide you all the way.

I work with own methodology, in an agile way and respecting the shortest delivery time possible, providing an outstanding recruitment service and guaranteeing its success.
I’m specialized in Digital Profiles: Digital Marketing, Digital Business, Tech, MarTech & MadTech and I work with startups, digital business consultancies, agencies and SMB’s.

Headhunting & executive search

I understand your needs and together we’ll define the job description

I get to know your company inside out; its environment, values, culture, teams and the nature of the position to be filled, so I can assist creating a job description that will allow you to improve your brand image and attract the best talent in the market.

Headhunting, Direct Search and Network

I make a tailor-made work to suit your needs, carrying out an in-depth search of candidates across different channels and also nurturing with my wide network of contacts.

Profile assessment, competency interviews, motivation interviews and cultural fit

I carry out a comprehensive evaluation of the candidate’s profile, via competency interviews, with the aim of guaranteeing a good fit for your organisation, someone who will want to grow with you for years to come. I believe in long-lasting company-employee relationships, built around trust.


During the entire process, you will receive feedback so you can be updated of all the profiles I’m evaluating and how we are moving on.

Presentation of final candidates

I present you final candidates with their reports and we clarify all the details. If you wish to, I can also support with the interviews to the final candidates in your offices.

The offer phase

I can help you to design the job offer and present it to the chosen candidate.








% of hires got through the contract trial period

Flexible pricing models

I have created 3 flexible collaboration as I would like that both sides are comfortable working together.

Choose the collaboration model that you think could better work considering your needs.

Flat Model

Hourly rate (360º service)

If you want me to become your Talent Partner, this is the best model.

We set a weekly package of hours and I can work under  OneTalent’s brand or if you preffer as an extension of your company.



You pay for milestones

This model is the best one for specific Headhunting needs. I will advice you during the entire recruitment process.

2 payments (retainer to be discounted in the 2nd payment + commission when the candidate accepts the offer), including 6 months guarantee.

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