cv tips


Due to the uncertain times that we are living in as a result of COVID-19 means that many of us find ourselves actively seeking employment or simply as a result of having more time to meditate, realising that where you are in this moment is not where you would really want to be career-wise. 

If that is your case and you are thinking of RE-INVENTING yourself; first, congratulations on your courage to leave your comfort zone.

In this article, I will give you 5 tips that I hope they will help you to write a compelling CV, so you can be closer to achieve your professional dreams.

#TIP 1: Take some time before writing your CV to think about your VISION.

What will your future be like when you finally reach your goal?

It is really important that you visualize your ideal future so that your CV approaches your objective.

This must be the LIGHTHOUSE that guides you in your way.

Try to turn on some music that inspires you, pick up a few magazines and create a collage on cardboard with all those cutouts that represent your vision.

Once you have it, post it on your workspace for daily inspiration. Soon you will notice that it works! 

#TIP 2: Take some time to think about what type of COMPANY you would like to work on and make a list of companies that motivate you.

With what values ​​do you identify yourself? What business culture fits with your values?

It is important that you have this clear in order to be able to make a list of companies in which you would like to work and that are aligned with your personal values ​​and culture.

In this way, when sending CVs, you will not be wasting time sending CVs or applying to companies that don’t fit your essence.

You can take a look at Glassdoor or Indeed; the Tripadvisor of the employment or visit Welcome To The Jungle, where you can discover the insides of many companies.

#TIP 3: Write an appealing EXTRACT that defines yourself.

Do not underestimate the importance of including in your CV an extract that does not spread more than one paragraph and that represents you.

You should summarize in a few words your professional experience and skills, your interests and your professional objective.

Try to communicate clearly and briefly to capture the attention of the recruiters. You must realize that they receive lots of CV’s on a daily basis and your resume must impact in some way to capture at a first glance their attention.

#TIP 4: Communicate your main ACHIEVEMENTS in the “Professional Experience” section.

When writing your professional experience, try that your CV does not end up looking like a list of functions similar to a job description.

I advise you to include only a few functions that represent your experience.

In addition, it is important that you add your main achievements for each of the functions, this is what will really give meaning to your experience and add value to the recruiter.

#TIP 5: Don’t forget to include your SKILLS.

In the Digital age; and now even more with the rise of remote work; soft skills acquire special attention.

Technical skills and specialization are very important for companies; but even more important today is the soft skills that professionals must demonstrate in order to adapt to the current needs of the companies.